SBPL Volunteers

This is a listing of teen volunteer opportunities at the South Brunswick Public Library. Please note that you MUST have a Volunteer Application on file at the South Brunswick Public Library to be eligible for any volunteer work.

Friday, March 02, 2018

March jobs

Maker day help needed!!!

Mar 9 & 10 are NJ Maker Days and SBPL is celebrating too!     The following spots need volunteers with the accompanying activities.  You may ONLY volunteer at one event per day.

1.  3/9 Tween engineering challenge (High school students only)--3:45-5:15 pm.  Need 2-3 volunteers.   All spots have been filled.

2.  3/10  Children's activities:  from 11 am until 1:30 pm
      A.  Robotics demo--need 2-3 volunteers  All spots have been filled.
      B.  Paper circuit craft --- need 3-4 volunteers  All spots have been filled.
      C.  Compass craft --- need 2-3 volunteers
      D.  8 bit art ---  need 2-3 volunteers

3.  Yarn flowers activity 3/10 Need 2 volunteers to work 10:30 am-1:00 pm.  For the first hour, instructions will be given on how to construct the flowers, so please come on time.  You will be assisting others in constructing these flowers during the event.
All spots have been filled.

4.  3/10  (High School students only) Mix Up gourmet popcorn activity needs 4 volunteers from 10:30 am until 1:30 pm.  Volunteers need to be comfortable with using a microwave or small induction burner to melt butter & other ingredients, as well as cleaning up afterwards.  Before the event, volunteers will be folding paper into cones for the popcorn.
All spots have been filled.

5.  3/10  Need 2-3 volunteers to assist others in making bubble tea.  Volunteers are needed from 1:30-3:30.
All spots have been filled.

Children's Events that need volunteers:

1.  3/14 St Patrick's Day craft & activity, need 2 volunteers from 4-5:30 pm
All spots have been filled.

Teen Department Help

The South Brunswick Library has agreed to house a borrowing collection of board games, but they all need to be organized and tallied and prepared for our fellow librarians to borrow them (sorry, they aren't available for the general public).  Saleena needs 2 volunteers who are detail oriented to follow instructions and organize things as instructed.  The first session will be 3/22 from 6-8 pm; with the possibility of finishing another day (to be decided that day)  All spots have been filled.

Can't find a job you like?  How about writing an article for the teen blog?  Saleena will give you one hour per article published on the blog; and articles can be about anything you like; reviews of books, movies, music or gadgets; news that affects teens....whatever.....Saleena will read the article and send it back for any major editing, but once it is published, you are given credit for an hour of service AND you now have a permanent spot on the teen what are you waiting for?  Write something today!!!  (Maximum of one volunteer hour per week, per person for blog posts)

As with all jobs, email Saleena with which jobs you would like (DO NOT JUST SHOW UP!).  She will respond to you as quickly as possible and let you know whether or not you got the job.  Email for Saleena is  Thank you for volunteering at the Library!  Remember, you cannot volunteer if you don't have an application on file.