Thursday, March 12, 2020

Info about volunteering during pandemic

Due to health issues and concerns in the NJ community, all events and volunteering are temporarily canceled until restrictions are lifted.   Thank you for your understanding.  You are welcome to submit an article, as explained below.

All applications expire every year.  If you filed an application as a volunteer prior to Sept 2020, you will need to file another one in order to receive hours.

For all volunteers looking for a way to earn hours during this difficult time:
1. Saleena is allowing 5 articles per week per person for any articles written by teens.  You can write anything: reviews of anything (personal reviews only); thoughts, informative articles, poetry, or stories.  Be aware that these are aimed at your peers, not a school project; so you can write in a more informal style (but if writing factual information remember to cite sources)
One of the teen staff members will check your article after you email it, any editing and changes have to be done before the article is posted.  You will be informed whether it needs work or if it is to be posted, but posting may be delayed if there are a lot of articles.   

2.  Another way to volunteer is to make a YouTube video for your fellow teens, or for the little ones (if that is your preference).  Your video must be submitted to Saleena in a format that can be uploaded to YouTube, and you must clearly state what audience the video is for and your name.  You will receive 5 hours per video uploaded. No more than 3 per week allowed.

Remember, you cannot volunteer if you don't have a current application on file.  

Email for Saleena is  Thank you for volunteering at the Library!